The Sonoma County Grange Credit Union was established in 1948 to provide affordable financial services to individuals in agriculture


Your Action Plan

Credit Unions, Banks, Credit Card Companies and other Card Issuers (video stores, libraries, AAA, etc.)
(Contact each promptly to protect your legal rights.)
Creditor Address & Phone Date Contact Comments
Credit Bureaus - Report Fraud to each company & order a credit report
Bureau Phone Number Date Contact Comments
Equifax 800-525-6285      
Experian 888-397-3742      
Trans Union 800-680-7289      
Law Enforcement Authorities - Report Identity Theft
Agency/Dept Phone Number Date Contact Report # Comments
FTC 877-IDTHEFT        
Local Police          
Follow Up Checklist
Agency/Dept Phone Number Date Contact Comments
Social Security Admin. (800) 269-0271      
Post Office (800) 275-8777      
Cell Phone