The Sonoma County Grange Credit Union was established in 1948 to provide affordable financial services to individuals in agriculture




  • Complete, print, sign and mail this form to Sonoma County Grange Credit Union per instructions below.
  • Each authorized user must complete a separate Affidavit form.

STATE OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF Sonoma, (Affiant's Name) , being first duly sworn, deposes and says:

That there was charged to the affiant's account at the Sonoma County Grange Credit Union the check/share withdrawal/share draft purporting to be signed by affiant as maker, described in the following schedule:

Withdrawal #:
Amount: Payee: Endorsements
(if any):

That the purported signature of affiant on each of said checks/withdrawals/share drafts is a forgery; that none of said checks/withdrawals/share drafts was signed or issued by affiant or by any person authorized by affiant to sign same; that affiant has no knowledge or information respecting the circumstances under which any of said checks/withdrawals/share drafts was signed or issued or the persons who signed same except:

That affiant received no benefit or value from the proceeds of any said checks/withdrawals/share draft and that no part of any said checks/withdrawals/share drafts was applied to any use or purpose in affiant's behalf.

That this affidavit is made for the purpose of having Sonoma County Grange Credit Union reimburse affiant for the amount of said checks/withdrawals/share drafts.

That affiant will testify, declare, depose or certify to the truth of each and all of the foregoing before any competent tribunal, officer or person, in any case now pending or that may be hereafter instituted in connection with the matters contained in this affidavit.

Affiant's Signature X________________________________

Address City
State     Zip Member #

State of , County of . Subscribed and sworn (or affirmed) before me on this day of 20 , by , proved to me on the basis of satisfactory evidence to be the person(s) who appeared before me.

Signature of Notary Public

For Credit Union Use Only
Processed / Received By: Date Received:

Mail this completed Affidavit of Forgery to:

Sonoma County Grange Credit Union
Attn: Support Services
304 Sutton Place, Santa Rosa California 94576
Fax (707) 584-0311 Attn: Statements/Support

If additional space is needed to explain your circumstances, please use the back of the form.